Photographers, Upgrade Your Memory

I absolutely love the new HDR Efex Pro software. The features and ease of use of the product are great. There is only one problem. On my 3 year old iMac, the software is really slow. It takes minutes to export from Lightroom to HDR Efex Pro and even longer to save the processed HDR.
After debating over spending between $1,000 – $2,000 for a new iMac, I thought to check the maximum memory on my iMac. I had previously upgraded from 1GB to 2GB several years ago. I was in luck. The iMac RAM was upgradable to 4GB. 

I just installed the new RAM in my iMac.   It took 5 minutes. What a difference. Saving an HDR from HDR Efex Pro now took less than a minute.   The best part is that 4GB only cost me $92 shipped.   Hmmm, with the savings, I should buy a new lens.
Here are a few tips to upgrade your RAM. They might be more biased toward the Mac, but they still provide some good general advise.
First, understand the maximum memory you can install in your machine. You also need to understand whether you need to add memory in equal pairs. Your computer manual or an Internet search will help. 
Make sure you buy the right memory for your model. Other World Computing is a great site for Mac users. The site will help you determine the model of your Mac, determine maximum memory for your model, and also provides several selections for RAM.
Buy the most RAM you can afford and will work in your pc.
Search for a checkout coupon. I bought mine from Crucial Memory. An Internet search resulted in a 5% savings.
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