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Civil War Reenactment – Mock Execution

One of my favorite parts of photography is telling a story with my photographs.   Photographers have the ability to communicate emotions and drama through their photographs.  Telling a story with photographs helps to engage and captivate your viewers, and people are also attracted to photos that evoke emotions.

During a recent trip to a Civil War Reenactment at Hale Farm and Village in Bath, Ohio, I was able to capture a sequence of photos that tell a story.   Prior to the battlefield reenactment, the actors staged a mock execution of a Union girl that was charged and convicted of treason for kissing a Confederate.  It was fun to watch this drama unfold and even more fun to record it in my photos.  I converted the photos to black and white to align with the times and also to capture the mood of this performance.

Below is a sequence of images that captured the mock execution.  For more information on the Civil War Reenactment, visit my blog post on the topic.  To see more photos of the reenactment, visit my website.
The Prisoner Being Marched to the Trial in Shackles
Prisoner being marched to the trial
Prisoner Defends Herself at the Trial
Prisoner Defends Herself at the Trial
The Verdict is Guilty!  The Firing Squad Marches in.
Firing Squad Marches in
The Prisoner is Blindfolded
Prisoner is Blindfolded
Ready, Aim, Fire
Ready, Aim, Fire
The Firing Squad Sergeant Checks the Body
Checks the Body
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  • Emma

    I'm the girl who in those photos. The reason why we did this was for the people. Also we showed the people what they did to union soldier, who became a tarrior. 
    The story behind this.That last night before this happiend, he (the rebel) was kind to me. I didn't kiss him on the lips, I kiss him on the cheeks. I knew what I did was wrong, so I turn myself in.

    • Martin Belan


      Thanks for the comment! It’s always great to get the back story. Terrific job acting out the scene. Very entertaining!

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