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Photographing Vermont in the Fall – Groton State Forest Area

There are enough photo opportunities in Groton State Forest to last several days.  But be prepared to hike to get to them.  We spent the morning in Groton State Forest and then visited Cabot, Peacham, and South Peacham in the afternoon.  In this post, I describe some of the photo opportunities that we encountered in this beautiful area of Vermont.

Ricker Pond

Not too far after you enter  Groton State Forest from Route 302, Ricker Pond will be on your right hand side.  There are several nice compositions from the southeast end of the pond. The wind was blowing that morning so I didn’t great reflections. There is also a man made waterfall at the southeast end of Ricker Pond that allows some nice forest photos with moving water running through the scene.  GPS:  N 44.2405555, W 72.2386111.

Owls Head Overlook, Groton State Forest, Vermont

Owls Head Overlook, Groton State Forest

Owls Head Overlook

This is the premier view in the park. It is a nice morning shot overlooking Kettle Pond with the colorful mountains in the background.  If the gate isn’t open, you’ll have to walk 1 mile up the road to get the shot.  Once you reach the parking lot, there is a trail leading .2 miles up rock steps to reach Owls Head Overlook.  There is a 1.5 mile trail to the left that leads to another overlook.

I’ve heard several reports about the gate not being open early in the morning.  I also found out that the gate closes for the season after Columbus Day which was two days prior to my arrival at Groton State Forest.  They also remove the signs after the park is closed for the season.  I really wanted this shot so I walked the 1 mile up the mountain.  The walk is short but a fairly steep incline.  Overall, the hike was worth it.   While you are up there, take a few photos of the forest trails with autumn colors leading up to the overlook and also take some close ups of colorful leaves.  Here are the GPS coordinates in case the signs are down: 44.308127,-72.302785

Kettle Pond.  There is a 3 mile hiking trail around the pond.  About a 1/4 mile down the trail you will reach the boat portage that provides access to the pond.  I found several nice compositions using the dock in the foreground.  You may also want to check out the trail around Osmore pond.


We exited the park on the north end and made our way to Cabot. We stopped by the Cabot Cheese Creamery for some cheese tasting.  Cabot is famous for its Vermont Cheddar. There is also a white church along the main road in Cabot that is worth a few snaps.

The Town of Peacham Vermont

The Town of Peacham, Vermont


We headed to Peacham via Macks Mountain Road.  Soon after entering Macks Mountain Road there is a red barn for Molly Brook Farm.  If the colors are right the barn can be framed in orange leaved trees.  Mack Mountain Road is a dirt road that takes you into Peacham.  Keep a longer lens handy while driving down Marks Mountain Road.  I saw two flocks of turkeys along the road.

The Classic Peacham Shot.  As soon as you take the last left turn of Macks Mountain Road into Peacham, you will see the cemetery on the right and the fire station on the left.  I parked at the fire station. Walk the field behind the fire station and up the hill.  Look to your right and you will see the composition.  I’m not sure if this was private land (it wasn’t posted).  Peacham Fire Station GPS: N 44.326664, W 72.173981.

The cemetery in Peacham is also worth checking out for compositions.

South Peacham Barn

South Peacham Barn

South Peacham

Also visit South Peacham while you are in the area.  I found 3 nice barns with fall colors in the background on Hollow Wood Road off of Peacham Barnett Road.

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