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Photographing Vermont in the Fall – Shelburne

On our last day in Vermont, we had about half a day before our flight home.  We decided to spend the morning and early afternoon exploring Shelburne, Vermont.  Some of the destinations were more tourist areas, but they still provided some good photo opportunities.  Visit my Vermont in the fall Gallery to see more of my photos of Vermont.

Shelburne Pond is a nice place to spend a morning doing photography.  The pond trail runs along the southwest side of the pond that provides good compositions of the opposite shore lit by the morning light.  There are several rocks along the shore that can be used as foreground for the photos.  GPS Coordinates:  N 44.373472, W 73.163023

Shelburne pond is also a good location to capture fall forest scenes with the morning light filtered by the trees.
Forest Scene, Shelburne Pond, Vermont
Forest Scene, Shelburne Pond
Shelburne Museum
The Shelburne Museum has numerous old buildings, barns, and galleries to visit and photograph.  There is also the steamship Ticonderoga, a white church, a red round barn, a covered bridge, a carousel, and a lighthouse. 

Ticonderoga on Dry Land, Shelburne Museum
Ticonderoga on Dry Land, Sheburne Museum
There are also several gardens that can be used in your compositions or for flower macro photography.  You can easily spend 3 – 4 hours at the museum.
Single Flower Under an Old Window
Single Flower Under an Old Window
Other tourist destinations to visit in Shelburne are:
  • Shelburne Farms
  • Shelburne Vinyards
  • The Vermont Teddy Bear Company Factory
I also wanted to visit Oakledge Park & Beach in South Burlington to photograph sunsets over Lake Champlain.  Unfortunately, we had clouds and rain both evenings that we were in Burlington.  If you get a change to photograph sunsets in Oakledge Park & Beach Park, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.
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