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Photographing Vermont – President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site is worth a stop while visiting Vermont.  The historic site is located in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.  Plymouth Notch is the birthplace of President Calvin Coolidge.  It is also where the president grew up and he is also buried in the town cemetery.  President Coolidge was also sworn in as President in Plymouth Notch where he received the word of President Warren Harding’s death.

Barn in the Fall, Plymouth Notch Vermont

Photo Opportunities
The village of Plymouth Notch is virtually unchanged since the early 1900s.  There are many historic buildings in Plymouth Notch that can be photographed in a scenic setting. The buildings include: President Coolidge’s birth place, his boyhood home, the Plymouth Cheese Factory, the Union Christian Church, and the Florence Cilley General Store.  There are also some barns that can be framed with fall foliage.  Some nice compositions can also be made of the classic white Vermont church.

Union Christian Church, Plymouth Notch Vermont
Location and Additional Information
I was able to take my tripod into the Calvin Coolidge Historic Site that allowed me to take multiple exposures for HDR photography.  The site is located at 3780 Route 100A in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.  The admission is $7.50 for adults and $2.00 for children.  For more information, visit the historic site webpage.
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