Painting Flowers using the Oil Style in AKVIS ArtWork

In this blog post, I will give step by step instructions on how to make an Oil Painting from a photograph of flowers using AKVIS Artwork 7.0.  I will also provide the final settings that I used to create the oil painting. Here are the Before and After images.   Click the image to see a larger version of the final Oil Painting.

Flower Oil Painting Collage

Here are the steps that I used to create this flower oil painting using AKVIS ArtWork.

 1. Open your photo in Photoshop

 2. Convert the layer to a Smart Object.  This will allow you to modify the blend modes and opacity after the ArtWork Filter has been applied to the photo.

 3. Go to the Filter menu in Photoshop.  Select AKVIS à ArtWork.

 4. When the window comes up, select the style of painting that you desire.  For this example, I selected the Oil style for this photo.  

 5. Scroll through the presets and select the one you like best for the starting point for your oil painting. 

  • Drag the preview window around the image to see the effect of the preset on different parts of the image. 

AKVIS Artwork Preview Window

  • If you like the Preset, press the run button to see the effect on the entire image.

AKVIS ArtWork Run Button

I selected AKVIS Long Strokes for these flowers.

 6. Adjust the sliders to your liking.  There is Hover Help for each slider that will help in determining the adjustments.

AKVIS ArtWork Hover Help

Follow the same process of using the preview window to see the effect on various parts of the image and pressing the Run button to see the entire image with the new settings.

For this photo, I reduced the stroke intensity and the stroke density.

 7. If you have the Deluxe Home or Business version of the application, you can use the Guiding Lines Tool to change the stroke direction in selected areas of the photo.  This can help if you want the strokes to flow in a certain direction or the application generated brush strokes seem distracting or out of place.  The guiding lines must be drawn on the Before Tab.  Press the Run button to see the new brush strokes.  If you don’t like the results of the guiding lines you can use the Eraser to remove them.

AKVIS ArtWork Slider Adjustment Settings

Below is a screen shot of my final settings.

AKVIS ArtWork Slider Adjustment Settings


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