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Photographing Flowers in the Winter

If you live in a cold climate with gray skies in the winter, it may not be possible to get outdoors and photograph.  You certainly cannot photograph flowers at this time of year.  One of my favorite things to photograph in the winter are flowers in my home macro studio.

Lily Flower Macro home photography studio

Lily Macro

Photographing flowers in my home studio gives me the opportunity to create my own compositions and also to practice lighting techniques.  Flowers can be photographed at home on your kitchen table using ambient light, using an inexpensive light tent, or by creating your own photo studio.

My favorite background is black velvet.  Black velvet really emphasizes the flower as the subject of the photo.  I use clip on lights from the local hardware store and reflectors and diffusers to get the right lighting.

Here are a few examples of flower photographs from my home studio.

White Flowers Home Photography Studio

Desaturated and the details emphasized using Google’s Color Efex Pro 4

Carnation Bud Watercolor Home photography studio

A carnation bud that I slightly softened and lightly applied a watercolor effect

Black & White Flower Graceful Bow

I call this photo A Graceful Bow.  Converted to Black and White using Google’s Silver Efex Pro 2 which really brings out the details in the flower

Converted to black and white using Color Efex Pro 4

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