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Can you fix a loose leg on a Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod?

I own a Vanguard Alta Pro 283CT Carbon Fiber Tripod and really like it.  It's sturdy, lightweight, and versatile.  It also can position really low to the ground for macro photographs or other low compositions. It is an excellent tripod for macro photography. The tripod is so versatile that if wanted to, I could even position the camera completely upside down.

Vanguard Alta Tripod Vanguard Alta Tripod

Loose Leg Problem

I recently had a problem with the Vanguard tripod where one of the legs become very loose.  It didn't affect the tripod's stability, but it did swing open and shut while carry the tripod.  I tried to adjust the tripod with the screw located under the leg hinge but it didn't work. 

The Repair

I wrote an email to Vanguard's Customer Support through their website and was instructed to send in the tripod. The repair technician at Vanguard did request that I send a copy of the receipt in with the tripod in order to be covered under the warranty.  It’s a good idea to ask if the repair will be covered under warranty prior to sending in the tripod.

Ten days after I sent the tripod in to Vanguard I still had not received any communication about the receipt of the tripod or the repair. I knew the tripod was received through UPS tracking. I was about to contact the customer support when a brand new tripod arrived at my door.
I find it strange that the tripod legs cannot be easily tightened by the customer.  I can tighten the legs on Manfrotto tripod.  However, the Vanuard Alta Pro 283CT tripod does comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  If this problem is encountered, the photographer should only need to pay the price of shipping for a new or repaired tripod. 

Vanguard Alta Pro 283CT Specifications

Folded Height 25 1/4 inches / 64 cm
Extended Height 66 7/8 inches / 170 cm
Leg Diameter 28 mm
Number of Sections 3
Max Load 8 kg / 18 pounds
Weight 1.7 kg / 3.8 pounds

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  • Paul Mitchell

    I had the same problem on a replacement tripod from Vanguard. First one leg now all three legs flop around. It doesnt affect the tripods stability. But it doesnt give a feel of quality with them flopping around during walks to the shoot. Ive tried to tighten the allen screws but they seem to be as tight as they can be so I dont know what the problem is.

  • Vanguard

    Hi all, you're able to tighten the legs on certain Vanguard tripods, such as the VEO. However, the ALTA Pro requires a bit more attention to tighten the legs, which is why we ask that it be sent in to us.  This is something we are looking to amend for future designs, and we appreciate everyone's feedback here!  We're very proud of our customer service, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions! 

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