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The New Wi-Fi feature on the Canon 6d

Canon’s new full frame camera, the Canon 6d comes with a Wi-Fi feature.  This new feature allows wireless connectivity to smartphones, tablets, wireless printers, TVs through media players, other Canon Wi-Fi equipped cameras, and personal computers using Canon’ EOS Utility.

For this blog, I tested connecting the Canon 6d with my 3rd generation iPad.  In this blog, I’ll cover the Wi-Fi connection to the iPad and the features available through tablets and smartphones.

The Wi-Fi Connection

In order to connect the Canon 6d and the smartphone/tablet, you need to download and install the “EOS Remote” application from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

The Wi-Fi connection can be established in two ways.  Either using an existing wireless network (Infrastructure Mode) or the Canon 6d can create its own network (Camera Access Point Mode).  Using the Camera Access Point Mode can be really useful while in the field or somewhere a Wi-Fi connection is not available.  I easily connected the Canon 6d to the iPad using both modes.  The camera also remembers the WiFi connections which is very handy if you connect over the same network.  Detailed instructions for the connection are located in the Canon EOS 6d Wi-Fi Function Basic Instruction Manual but establishing the connection was fairly intuitive.

Right now, there are two main features in the EOS Remote application:  Camera Image Viewing and Remote Shooting.

Camera Image Viewing

EOS Remote App Camera Image Viewing

In the Camera Image Viewing Feature. you can view photos from the SD card on the camera, copy images to the mobile device, email images, rate photos, and delete images from the SD card.  There are also functions for sorting and filtering the images for viewing.

Remote Shooting

EOS Remote App Remote Shooting

In the Remote Shooting mode, you can control the Canon 6d and take pictures using your tablet or smartphone.  The tablet screen basically functions as live view mode for your camera.  From the EOS Remote application, you can change the focus point on the camera and press the shutter button.  In addition, several setting can be controlled from the app depending on the shooting mode.

Below are the functions that can be changed in the EOS Remote App by shooting mode:

  • Aperture Priority (Av) – the aperture, exposure composition, and ISO can be adjusted
  • Shutter Priority (Tv) – the shutter speed, exposure  composition, and ISO can be controlled
  • Manual Mode (M) – the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO can be adjusted
  • Program Mode (P) – only the ISO and exposure composition can be changed from the App
  • Bulb Mode (B) – the ISO and aperture can be changed

You hold down the shutter button on the app in bulb mode to control the length of the exposure.  While the shutter button is pressed a timer appears on the screen. I also tried shooting with manual focus but could not find a way to adjust the focus.

All in all, this is a cool new Canon DSLR feature.  While the app controls may be limited now, hopefully Canon will continue to enhance the application.

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