Vermont Leaves Gouache Painting

Using AKVIS ArtWork to create Gouache Paintings from your Photos

The Gouache (pronounced “Gwash”) is a heavy, opaque watercolor painting technique.  The result is a less wet looking and more colorful painting than an ordinary watercolor painting.

The AKVIS ArtWork Photoshop plugin can turn your photos into paintings using a Gouache style.

In this example, I turned a photo of autumn leaves into a Gouache painting using AKVIS ArtWork and also include the settings that I used for the final photo.  I also include a watercolor version of the photo (also created in AKVIS ArtWork) to show the comparison.

Steps to Create a Gouache Painting Using AKVIS ArtWork

  • Open the photo you’d like to convert into a Gouache painting in Photoshop
  • Create a duplicate layer (Command J – Mac, CTRL J Windows)
  • Convert the duplicate layer into a smart object by right clicking on the layer and selecting “Convert to Smart Object”. This will allow you to edit the opacity and blending mode after closing out of AKVIS ArtWork.
  • Select Filter –> AKVIS –> ArtWork
  • Select the painting style from the dropdown list on the top right of the window.
  • There are several Presets to choose from for each painting style and sliders to fine tune the image.  Hover over the slider for detailed help on each slider.  See my blog on Oil Painting Flowers in AKVIS ArtWork for more details on using the AKVIS ArtWork plugin

Below are the original photo and the final Gouache and Watercolor paintings created using AKVIS ArtWork.  I also provide the plugin settings for each painting style.  Click on any of the photos to see a larger version of the finished Gouache paint technique.

Original Photo

Vermont Leaves

Gouache Painting Technique

Vermont Leaves Gouache Painting
AKVIS ArtWork  Vermont Leaves Gouache Settings

Watercolor Painting Technique

Vermont Leaves Watercolor Painting
AKVIS ArtWork Vermont Leaves Watercolor Settings

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