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Use Google Image Search to Find Out Who is Using Your Photos Online

Many people use Google Image Search to find photos on the Internet by typing text into the search box.  Google Image Search also has an easy to use Search By Image feature that can help you find people who are using your photos without your knowledge or permission.  If you upload photos to multiple websites or social media sites, it can also be a useful way for you to see where you’ve uploaded the photo.

Google Image Search can also be useful to identify the subject of your nature photography (birds, insects, flowers, and plants).

Google’s Search by Image allows you to upload a photo or paste a link to the photo in the Search By Image Box.

Here’s How You Find Who is Using Your Images Online

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Click on the camera icon in the search box.

Google Image Search

Step 3 – Upload a photo or paste a URL to the location of the photo online.

Google Search By Image URL

Step 4 – Google will present you a page of search results of websites where your photo  or similar photos are displayed.

Google Image Search Results

Overall, Google’s Search By Image worked pretty well.   Unfortunately, I did find that several of my photos were being used on websites without my permission or even credit. 

I did find a couple of small issues with Search By Image. It could not find some of the images on my Zenfolio website.  Those images were probably not indexed by Google.  Also, photos of popular attractions such as the Yellowstone Lower Falls or the Washington Monument displayed many similar photos.

So give Google’s Search By Image a try.  It can be addicting and time consuming.

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  • Crystal

    Greetings Martin!

    I am so happy you featured this great Google tool!  I have used it often to credit photos on Soulful Nature. You can also "drag and drop" an image into the search bar (after selecting  image search). I encourage photographers to take advantage of your advice! It is appalling to see the overwhelming lack of respect for artists on the internet. Thanking you, Martin, and all the photographers who share their beautiful work and make our lives brighter!

    • Martin Belan


      Thanks so much for the comment.  I agree.  This is a great tool for photographers to see who is using their photos.  I appreciate Soulful Nature and how you ask for permission to post photos.  Thanks again.  Martin

    • Martin Belan

      Thanks for the tip Jon!  I gave tineye a try and didn’t get the same results as google image search.  Where Google found my photos on the web, tineye retrieved zero results. Could just be my photos.

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