Your Best Photos Might Be Right Outside Your Hotel Room Window

When I travel for business, I always bring along a camera.  It might only be a point and shoot, but I always bring a camera.  I always make a habit of looking out of the hotel room window for photo opportunities and I have taken some terrific photos from the hotel window.  

Boston Skyline at Sunrise

Taken from the Westin Coply Place, Boston

I’ve included several photos in this post that I’ve taken from hotel room windows along with a description of where they were taken.

It also doesn’t hurt to ask for a room with a nice view when you are checking in at the front desk.  Some places may want to charge you for a view of the ocean or like the Bellagio that will charge you for a view of the fountains.

Foggy New Delhi Morning

Taken from The Oberoi, New Delhi overlooking the Delhi Golf Club


  • When traveling overseas, jetlagged, and waking up early, it is a good time to take sunrise photos from the hotel window.
  • I bring along a Benro travel tripod and a remote shutter release for extra stability. 
  • You will need to watch the glare and your reflection in the window.  Try turning off the lights in the room and closing the curtain behind the camera.

Foggy New Delhi Sunrise

Taken from the Sheraton, New Delhi

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