Using the Black Rose Filter in Topaz Adjust to Give your Photos a Dark, Gloomy Effect

When I’m trying to give a gloomy or dreary appearance to a photo, I like to use the Black Rose filter in Topaz Adjust 5.   The Black Rose Filter is located in the Toned Collection category in Topaz Adjust.

South Peacham Barn Black Rose Filter

Topaz Adjust also allows you to fine tune your image by making global adjustments to the effects of the filter on the photograph.  Global adjustments like saturation, exposure, and the amount of detail can be made using sliders in the right panel.  Local adjustments like dodge and burn can be applied using a brush.

Topaz Adjust 5 Global Adjustments Topaz Adjust 5 Local Adjustments

Topaz Adjust also has a finishing touches panel that allows you to add a border, vignette, grain, and transparency that reduces the intensity of the filter effect.

The photos in this blog post are some examples of photographs that I have processed using the Black Rose filter in Topaz Adjust 5.

India Brick Kilns Black Rose Filter?

India Farm Workers Black Rose Filter

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