Hubbard Glacier Wide Angle

Photographing an Alaskan Cruise – Hubbard Glacier

On day two of the Alaskan cruise, we sailed across the Bay of Alaska to Hubbard Glacier.  Most of the day we were in a dense fog, but I did manage to get some pre-sunrise photos at 3:30 am (sometimes jet lag pays off).  By 4:30 am, we were shrouded in fog.  The fog continued until about 4 pm when we reached Hubbard Glacier.

The cruise ship did 180 degree turn at Hubbard Glacier so each side of the ship can get a complete view of the glacier.

Composition Ideas for Photographing Hubbard Glacier

  • Look for reflections of the mountains in the water with the ice field
  • Try panoramas of the mountains and blue glaciers.  If you have an iPhone, try a  Panorama using the iPhone.
  • Also try ultra wide angle shots, shooting downward with the icebergs in the foreground.
  • Take some longer focal length compositions of the glacier and mountain peaks.
Fog Rolling in at Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Photo Equipment for Photographing Hubbard Glacier

At Hubbard Glacier, I used my Canon 24-105mm f/4, Canon 17-40mm for ultra wide compositions, and the Canon 300mm f/4 for closer compositions.

Right as we were leaving Hubbard Glacier a dense fog rolled in again.   Tomorrow is whale and bear watching at Icy Straight Point.  Let’s hope the fog clears out.

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