Brockton Point Lighthouse, Stanley Park

Photographing Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia

Brockton Point Lighthouse (Above Photo)

We disembarked from the Norwegian Sun cruise ship at 9am and by 11:00 am we were checked into the Vancouver Pinnacle Vancouver Hotel and the concierge had us booked on the Big Bus and scheduled for a sea plane tour of Vancouver at 11:45pm.  We had spent 7 days sailing on an Alaskan Cruise from Wittier, Alaska to Vancouver, British Columbia.

We took the Big Bus to Stanley Park which took longer than I would have liked.  We waited about 20 minutes for the Big Bus and another 45 minutes to get to Stanley Park.  The Big Bus is not a bad deal though if you have the time.  A two day pass cost around $39 and also includes the False Creek Ferry to Granville Island.  You can hop on and off the bus as many times as you like and it gives you a narrated tour of the city.  You can also take some photos along the way or mark places you’d like to return to visit.

Stanley Park was terrific and full of Photo Ops.  Stanley Park is a 1,000 acre rainforest located right in the city of Vancouver.  There are miles of hiking trails in Stanley Park. Stanley Park has an aquarium, a sea wall that spans the entire shore of the park, a rose garden, restaurants, a golf course, a totem pole park, and more.  There is also a horse-drawn carriage ride that tours almost the entire perimeter of the park.

Girl in the Wet Suite, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Girl in the Wet Suite with the Lions Gate Bridge in the Background

Favorite Places to Photograph in Stanley Park

  • The Girl in the Wet Suit Statue with the city in the background
  • The Vancouver cityscape from the sea wall with rocks in the foreground
  • The Brockton Point Lighthouse taken from the sea wall with the cityscape in the background
  • The Totem Pole Park.  The totem poles can be taken solo or in groups.
  • The Rose Garden.  A large rose garden that spans both side of the road.  The rose garden is great spot for macro and flower photographers.
Totem Pole, Stanley Park

Totem Pole Park

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