Alaska Mountain Sunset
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A Collection of Beautiful Alaskan Sunsets

The sunsets from an Alaskan Cruise are simply beautiful.  We witnessed beautiful sunsets on 5 different evenings on an Alaskan Cruise this June.  The mountains and reflections in the water really make the sunsets beautiful.  The sunsets also seem to last longer up north during the summer months, giving you extra time to photograph them.

If you take an Alaskan cruise, save up for a balcony and don’t miss photographing the sunsets.

Here are 9 sunset photographs that I took during the Alaskan Cruise.

Alaskan Mountain Sunset Panorama

The Last Rays of Light, Alaska

Orange Mountain Sunset, Alaska

Alaskan Mountain Sunset

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Sunset Coming Thru the Clouds, Alaska

Fiery Sky Sunset, Alaska

Alaska, Sunset on the Water

Alaska Angry Sky Sunset

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