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PhotoPills – An All Purpose App for Nature and Travel Photographers?

The PhotoPills App for iOS is bundled with many useful features for landscape and travel photographers.  The PhotoPills App has a planning feature for landscape photographers that shows the direction of the sunrise and sunset as well as the moonrise and set for a particular location.

PhotoPills Planner

The PhotoPills App is also bundled with numerous other features beneficial to landscape and travel photographers.  These features include:

  • Sunrise and sunset times for a location
  • Moon rise and set times for a location
  • Exposure calculator
  • A Depth of Field (DOF) calculator to determine Hyperfocal distance
  • A Hyperfocal distance table
  • A star trails calculator
  • A spot stars calculator
  • Time lapse calculator

The PhotoPills App is packed with features.  However, the App has several drawbacks.

PhotoPills Menu

The app is a bit buggy. The location search function for points of interest crashes on every search.  This happens on both my 3rd generation iPad and iPhone 5.  It is difficult to plan a photo trip without a location search function.

The user interface also isn’t very straight forward.  The user interface is different than most iOS apps and takes some time to get used to and figure out.  The smiley face in the above image is part of the navigation menu – swipe left and right for more menu options.


Overall, I’d hold on purchasing the PhotoPills App until they fix some of the crashes and better instructions come out for using the App.  For a $9.99 price, the app could be more usable and have less bugs.  Hopefully, a new release is in the works to resolve some of these issues.

October 6, 2013 Update – A new version of the ProtoPills App was released that fixed the app crashing when trying to search for a point of interest.  I tested the app out and it no longer crashes.

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