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ShutterCount – An Easy way to Find the Number of Canon DSLR Shutter Actuations on your Mac

Canon does not include the number of shutter actuations in the camera’s EXIF data.  There are a number of apps out there to get the number of shutter actuations from Canon cameras that either don’t work reliably or require using the Mac terminal to key in cryptic commands.

ShutterCount the new Mac app from DIRE Studio is reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive.  The app is available from the app store for $2.99.

I’ve tested the app using the Canon 7d, Canon 6d, and Canon 5d Mark iii and the app was quick, reliable and easy to use.  For Canon 6d and 70d users, you’ll need to turn off wi-fi as it blocks access to the USB port.

Ease of Use

The ShutterCount app is simple to use.  Here are the steps.

  • Make sure wi-fi is turned off if your camera is wi-fi enabled
  • Plug the camera into your Mac using the USB cable that came with the camera.
  • Turn the camera on
  • Lauch the ShutterCount app to see the number of shutter actuations.

Canon cameras supported by ShutterCount

  • Canon EOS-1D X
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • Canon EOS 70D
  • Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1
  • Canon EOS 600D / Rebel T3i / Kiss X5
  • Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i / Kiss X6i
  • Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i
  • Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 / Kiss X50

Visit the DIRE Studio ShutterCount website for more information.

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  • Gasp0de

    Actually, as far as i know, Canon does include the shutter count in the exif-data. They just call it Image Number…

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