Visiting and Photographing Historic Jamestown

Historic Jamestown is a great destination to learn about the history of America’s first successful colonial settlement and the Powhatan Indians that occupied the Virginia area prior to the colonists.  However, the Jamestown Settlement is less of a destination for photography.

Canon and Church, Jamestown Settlement

You should plan to bring your camera along as there are photo opportunities at the Powhatan Indian Village, replicas of the three ships (Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery) that sailed the colonists from England, and a replica of the James Fort.

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The Powhatan Indian Village has about 8 Indian houses, demonstrations, and people in costume to photograph.

Powhatan Indian, Mortar and Pestle

The Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery sailing ships provide good close up photo ops of the ships and their decorations.  You can also board the ships and the crew will tell you more about the ships and sailing them.

My favorite attraction was the James Fort.   There were numerous colonial buildings (Church, weapons building, and governor’s house) to photograph.  I spent quite a bit of time here photographing the details of the colonial architecture. There were also people dressed in colonial attire that can be photographed.

Window, Colonial Jamestown Fort

There is also a large museum with numerous exhibits and movies to learn more about the Jamestown Settlement, the Powhatan Indian tribe, and additional colonies along the Virginia Peninsula.  No photography is allowed inside the museum.

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