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Hiking and Photographing York River State Park

For nature photography, one of the gems we found on our trip to Williamsburg, Virginia was the York River State Park.  The park has 25 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and equestrian use.  Many of the trails connect from the 2.04 mile long backbone trail.

York River State Park Landscape

We hiked two of the trails in the park.

Taskinas Creek Trail

The Taskinas Creek trail is a moderately difficult trail that is 2.16 miles long.  The trail goes thru hardwood forest and has several wildlife observation points overlooking the marsh land, and several scenic overlooks.

Woodstock Pond Trail

The Woodstock Pond Trail is an easy difficulty level and is .84 miles long.  This trail has views of the York River and scenic Woodstock Pond.  The trail then goes through a hardwood forest that would be beautiful during the autumn color around early to mid November (that we missed by a few weeks).

Albino White-Tailed Deer Buck

The park has a healthy White-tailed deer population including an albino white-tailed buck.  Make sure you bring a longer lens and have it ready as you drive thru the park.  The deer graze in the fields along the road during the late afternoon.  There is also a large population of gray squirrels that are fairy cooperative photography subjects.

Young White-tailed Deer Walking the Fence Line

I also saw quite a few birds in the park including Cardinals, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Bluebirds. Bald Eagles and Osprey are also spotted in the park.

The York River State Park is open from 8am until sunset.  There is a $3 parking fee for visiting the park. The address for the park is 5526 Riverview Road, Williamsburg, Virginia

Written by Martin Belan

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