Maymont Castle

Photo Opportunities at the Maymont Nature Center in Richmond, Virginia

Maymont is a 100 acre Nature Center and Park.  The Maymont Estate was donated by James and Sally Dooley who lived at this location.

Entrance to Maymont is free but a donation is recommended.  A donation is also required to tour the mansion and for special events.

Maymont has wild animal exhibits including white-tailed deer (even a few bucks with large racks of antlers), bison, black bear, and bald eagles.  The animals are behind fences but photos can be taken while you or the animals are on top of the hills.

Maymont Japanese Garden

Maymont Park also has beautiful Japanese and Italian gardens.  The Japanese Garden has waterfalls, ponds, and pagodas that provide good photo opportunities.  The Italian Garden has concrete stairs, trellises, a waterfall, and a rose garden.

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There is also a beautiful “castle like” mansion that is a good subject for photos with the garden landscape.

Waterfalls at the Japanese Garden

Maymont is a photography gem located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.  Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to hike this hilly park.

The address for Maymont is 2201 Shields Lake Ct, Richmond.  Here is the link for the Maymont website.

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