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AKVIS OilPaint Photo Processing Software Review

AKVIS software has released a new Photoshop plugin and stand alone application called OilPaint that turns photographs into oil paintings.  OilPaint features a new brush stroke algorithm that more closely imitates real brush strokes.

Photographers familiar with AKVIS plugins will notice the similarity with AKVIS’ ArtWork plugin that replicates 7 different forms of painting including oil painting.  I’m a big fan of AKVIS ArtWork and frequently use the plugin to give my photos a painted effect.

AKVIS OilPaint comes with many of the same features bundled into ArtWork including the same user interface, most of the same sliders, canvas/texture effects, stroke direction control, and the ability to add text and signatures to your work.

The major change from AKVIS Artwork is the new brush stroke engine.  AKVIS has also added many new presets that are not available in ArtWork.  The software also lets you create and save your own presets.

AKVIS OilPaint Interface

AKVIS OilPaint User Interface

OilPaint also has the ability to share your work directly with many social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, and Flickr.  There is also a new mix slider in OilPain that mixes the brush strokes with the original image to smooth the oil effect.

Photographers who like to give their photos an oil paint look should certainly check out the OilPaint software.  Photographers who already own the AKVIS ArtWork should check out the new brush stroke algorithm and compare it with ArtWork.  I personally like the Oil Paint effect generated by OilPaint.

AKVIS OilPaint Preview Feature

AKVIS OilPaint Preview Feature

AKVIS offers a free 10 day trial and you don’t even need to register for the trial – just download and install the software.  The price for AKVIS OilPaint is cheaper than ArtWork.  OilPaint is priced at $49 for the Home Edition, $69 for the Home Deluxe Edition, and $89 for the Business License.

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