Gadwall Drake on a Windy Morning
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Photographing Ducks at the Castalia Duck Pond

The Castalia Duck Pond is located in the center of the quaint little town of Castalia, Ohio.  What attracts birders and nature photographers to the Castalia Duck Pond is the pond is that the pond is fed by artesian springs and remains free of ice in the winter.  While other local bodies of water are frozen over, the Castalia Duck Pond has open water and attracts a variety of ducks.

Mallards, Gadwalls, Northern Shovelers, American Wigeons, Canada Geese, and American Black Ducks are common in the 10 Acre pond.  Other ducks such as Green-winged teal, Blue-winged teal, Northern Pintails, Canvasback, and Lesser Scaup are less common but may also be found in the Duck Pond as other waters freeze over.

There are two parking areas for the Castalia Duck Pond, one at the north end and another on south side of the pond before the curved pond turns to the west.  The ducks will primarily be side lit in the morning and afternoon light.

Northern Shoveler Drake

The ducks seem to be used to people and can get fairly close for good shots of the birds.  A group of Northern Shovelers and Gadwalls seem to like to hang out in the Northwest corner of the pond.  This is relatively close to the north parking lot and provides good light on the birds in the morning.  When it’s really cold, fog can rise off the water giving an interesting effect to your waterfowl photos.

Geese in the Fog

There are no facilities at the Castalia Duck Pond.  You can use the restroom at the local gas station or there is a McDonalds about 3 miles up Route 101 toward Route 2.

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