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The People of Rajasthan, India – Street Photography

The state of Rajasthan is located in the western part of India bordered with Pakastan.  Rajasthan is a arid region with much of the region being desert.  The Thar Desert or Great Indian Desert, located in Rajasthan has a size of over 77,000 square miles.  Jaipur is the capital and largest city in Rajasthan.

While Jaipur and Rajasthan have many tourist and travel photography opportunities, Rajasthan provides some excellent opportunities for street photography.

The people of Rajasthan dress in bright, colorful clothing – more so than other areas of India that I have visited.  The Rajasthani people also enjoy celebrating fairs and festivals with many people dressed in the traditional Rajasthani dress.

India Snake Charmer

The streets of Rajasthan are also full of unique and interesting types of Indian transportation.  There are a variety of animals on the roads in Rajasthan: cows, elephants, camels, donkeys to name a few.

Elephant Taxi Rajasthan, India

There are also many tuk tuks (3 wheeled Indian taxis) and many motorcycles, the most popular form of transportation in India.  Many families own motorcycles in India as this more maneuverable vehicle shortens their commutes through crowded Indian cities.

Colorful Saris, Rajasthan India

The combination of all of these things, add up to great opportunities for street photography in Rajasthan, India.

Street Side Roasted Corn, Rajasthan, India

Waiting for a Ride to the Festival

Rajasthani Family, India

Busy Street Corner in Jaipur, India

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