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EOS Inspector – A Mac App to find the Number of Shutter Actuations on your Canon DSLR

As many of you Canon photographers know, Canon has decided to hide the number of shutter actuations on their cameras.  Other camera manufacturers like Nikon publish the shutter count in the EXIF data.

The shutter actuation data is useful as all DSLRs have a limited shutter life, usually around 100,000 – 150,000 shutter clicks.  When buying a used DSLR, you will want to know this information.  Likewise if you are selling a DSLR, savvy buyers will want to know the number of shutter actuations.

Until recently, it has been quite a chore to find out the number of shutter actuations on your Canon DSLR.  Professional Mac developer Konstantin Pavlikhin has developed a terrific new Mac OS X application called EOS Inspector that will quickly display you the number of shutter actuations on your Canon DSLR.

The application also displays other information on the camera such as the serial number (which I’ve blanked out in the screen capture), available shots on the card, battery level, and firmware version.  Although the primary reason to download this application is the shutter count, EOS Inspector provides a quick way to check your firmware version and actual battery level vs. the little icon on the camera.

I’ve tested the application with a Canon 5d Mark iii, 7d, and 6d.  The application works great on all 3 of these Canon DSLRs.  I’ve also compared the shutter actuation data with the Shutter Count application and the data is consistent.  The application is very easy to use.  Just plug your camera in your Mac’s USB port with the cable supplied with the camera, power on the camera, and launch the app.  It’s that simple.

For a limited time, the application is available as a free download in the Mac App Store.  Overall, I found EOS Inspector an easy way to find the shutter actuations on your Canon DSLR.  So why not give it a try.

Written by Martin Belan

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