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A Panoramic Tour of Yellowstone National Park with the iPhone

Panoramic photos are a good fit for photographing the Western United States where big, wide landscapes are the norm.  On a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, I took several iPhone panoramas of popular landscape photography destinations in the park.  Yellowstone has wide mountain landscapes, blue skies, and fluffy white clouds that are ideal for panorama photographs.

Yellowstone, Lamar Valley Pano

Lamar Valley

The Apple iPhone as well as other smart phones have built in panorama software that automatically stitch photos together into a panorama.

A Bend in the Madison River, iPhone Panorama

A Bend in the Madison River

It is easy to take a panorama photograph with the iPhone.  The pano selection is located at bottom of the camera app as part of a sliding selector to choose video, photo, square or pano format.  Once Pano is selected and you press the button to start, slowly pan the iPhone from left to right while keeping the arrow on the line in the middle of the phone.

Traditionally, panorama photos are taken as individual photos and stitched together using software such as Photoshop.  This can result in a merged panorama file that is over 250 megabytes in size.   With the iPhone, you don't need expensive equipment or stitching software the phone will produce a jpeg that is already stitched together.

Sylvan Lake iPhone Panorama, Yellowstone

Sylvan Lake

An iPhone won't give you a 250 megabyte panorama file that you can print for billboards, but the iPhone will produce an image around 6 – 8 megabytes that is fine for mid-sized prints.

Gibbon Meadows, Yellowstone iPhone Pano

Gibbon Meadows

Overall, I was happy with the quality of the iPhone panoramas that I took in Yellowstone National Park.  On bright, cloudy days, the iPhone did blow out the highlights on the clouds and I needed to use the clone tool in Photoshop to add details back to the white clouds.

Dunraven Pass iPhone Pano, Yellowstone

Dunraven Pass

Click on the iPhone Panos pictures in this blog to see a larger version of the photos.

Yellowstone, Barronette Peak iPhone Pano

Barronette Peak

Written by Martin Belan

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