Elephant Taxi Rajasthan, India

Transportation in India – What’s on the Road? (Part 1)

After a ½ dozen trips to India, I’ve seen just about everything on the road.  In India and other developing nations, people can be very creative about how to get from point A to point B.

India, Long Truck Ride

Indian Father and Sun Riding in the back of a Decorated Truck

There are over 1.2 Billion people in India, and the roads in the cities are very crowded and the driving is chaotic.  The vehicles are often overloaded with people to the point of not being safe.

In the rural areas, a variety of forms of transportation can be found including tractors, elephants, camels, bicycles delivering goods, and ox drawn carts.   Groups of people can frequently be seen traveling to town in the back of delivery trucks or the tops of busses and SUVs.

Riding in the Back of a Truck, New Delhi

Riding in the back of a Truck, New Delhi

This blog shares some of my favorite transportation street photographs from my trips to India.  In fact, I found so many good photos of Indian transportation on my hard drive that I will probably put out a part 2 of this blog post.  Click on the images to see or purchase a larger version of the photo.

Overloaded Truck, India

Trucks and other Vehicles are Frequently Overloaded in India.  Notice the proximity to the white line. Yes, they are supposed to drive on the left side of the road.

Rajasthani Donkey Rider

Rajasthani Man Riding his Donkey Down the Road behind an Overloaded Truck

Camel Transportation in Rajasthan, India

Camel Transportation in Rajasthan

Jingle Truck

Jingle Truck.  Indian truck drivers frequently decorate their truck in bright colors.  They also hang bells and scarves from the trucks.  These trucks are referred to as Jingle Trucks.

Hitching a Ride on the Highway

Hitching a Ride on the Highway

Elephant Taxi, Rajasthan

Elephant Taxi, Rajasthan

Family on a Motorcycle Dressed for the Mosque

Family on a Motorcycle Dressed for the Mosque

Visit Part 2 of Transportation in India – What’s on the Road?

Written by Martin Belan

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