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Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm Macro Lens Cap (46mm) Replacement

I am horrible about losing lens caps for my Olympus OM-D when I’m out in the field.  A couple of weeks ago while hiking in the Smoky Mountains, I lost the lens cap for the Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm Macro lens.  This was the second Olympus lens cap that I have lost.

The Olympus lens cap on Amazon was 7.95 + 7.49 shipping.  This seemed like a lot to pay for a small piece of plastic. 

I searched Amazon for off brand replacements and had no luck.  I finally had to search by the diameter of the lens cap – 46mm.  I ended up buying a replacement Snap-on lens cap by Digital Goja. The price was $4.99 + free shipping. 

The lens cap replacement kit from Digital Goja comes with 2 replacement lens caps plus a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The quality of the lens caps seem the same as the Olympus model an now I have a back up lens cap in my bag.  The 46” lens cap also works for the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 lens.

Written by Martin Belan

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