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Why Can Sacred Falls Only Be Viewed by Helicopter?

While visiting Oahu, Hawaii, I took a Doors off Helicopter Flight from Honolulu Airport.  One of the attractions advertised for the flight was Sacred Falls which can only be seen by helicopter.

When we got to Sacred Falls (about ½ way through the hour long flight), I was greeted by an amazing waterfall with a 1,000 foot cascade.  The falls are enclosed in a beautiful green valley surrounded by green mountains.  Our helicopter pilot circled down closer to the falls for us to get better pictures of the stunning waterfall.

Sacred Falls, Helicopter View
Sacred Falls, Helicopter View

When I got home, I was interested in why Sacred Falls could only be seen from the air.  The falls are not on the coast, they are surrounded by land.

After a little research, I got my answer.  On May 9, 1999 (Mother’s Day), a massive landslide happened on the trail to Sacred Falls, killing 9 and injuring 50 people.  After the accident, the state of Hawaii closed the trail to Sacred Falls and Department of National Resources personnel routinely patrol the area to ensure no one attempts the hike to the falls.

So when visiting Oahu, book a helicopter tour to see this beautiful waterfall.  Don’t attempt to hike the trail it is off limits and still dangerous.

Written by Martin Belan

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