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Photography – Creative Post Processing Idea for Winter Berries

Bright red berries may be the most photographed subject for nature photographers in the cold winter months.

Berries might be the one colorful subject in an otherwise dull, gray landscape.  So how do you make your berries stand out from the photography of others? Post Processing.

Ideas to Post Process your Winter Berry Photographs.

Winter Berries - Topaz Texture Effects - Winter Morning
Winter Berries – Topaz Texture Effects – Winter Morning

Topaz Texture Effects has a variety of presets, plus you can access the Topaz Community where others can save their presets for your use.  You can start with the preset and then adjust settings like vignette, color overlay, texture, double exposure, dust scratches, and light leak.  Texture Effects has a nice collection of creative effects.

Topaz Labs

Here are a few presets + adjustments that I used to process the winter berries.

Winter Berries - Topaz Texture Effects - Matte Mountain

Topaz Texture Effects – Matte Mountain

Winter Berries - Topaz Texture Effects - Chamois

Topaz Texture Effects – Chamois

Like Topaz Texture Effects, Topaz Impression has a variety of presets to sort through to give you creative ideas for your photographs.  However, Topaz Impression’s presets are more oriented to different painting and artistic effects.

In Impression, you can preview your photograph with presets like chalk pastel, color sketch, Monet, oil painting, pastel, and Rembrandt portrait.  Also like Texture Effects, you can access the Topaz Community for more ideas and adjust the settings of your art.

Below is the winter berries photograph processed with the Watercolor V preset in Topaz Impression.

Winter Berries - Topaz Impression Watercolor V

Topaz Impression Watercolor V

Topaz Lens Effects allows you to selectively blur out portions of an image.  For this image, I blurred out the 3 berries on the left making the 4 berries on the right the subject of the photo.  Selective focus is another way you can creatively process your photographs.

Winter Berries - Topaz Lens Effects

Selective Focus – Topaz Lens Effects

These are just a few examples of how you can make your photos stand out using creative post processing effects.  The winter months are a great time to play with creativity in your post processing.

Written by Martin Belan

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