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New OM Digital Solutions Magazine and Positive News for Olympus Nature Photographers?

OM Digital Solutions, the new manufacturer of Olympus cameras has just launched OM Digital Solutions online magazine.  Their tweet (below) indicates this will be a monthly magazine but the initial version is labelled as Jan-Mar 2021.

This initial version focuses on nature photography with articles from 12 Olympus nature photographers from around the world.  The magazine also has a native language section at the back where the articles are reprinted in the photographer’s native language.

There is also an introduction article by Aki Murata, the COO of OM Digital Solutions where he hints that they plan on doing more than what’s on their lens roadmap.

Aki Murata Intro Article
Aki Murata Intro Article

Aki also indicates OM Digital Solution’s focus on Nature Photography with the following quote:

“A strong focus on nature and outdoors runs through the publication and matches the evolution of the Olympus system, where some core strengths have been at the heart of the process.”

As an Olympus nature photographer, this is encouraging news.  The fact that the initial magazine is focused on nature and Aki’s comments on Olympus and nature photography is a positive sign on the direction OM Digital Solutions is taking with Olympus cameras.

Take a look at the magazine and read the article by Aki Murata and let me know what you think.

Olympus Lens Roadmap
Olympus Lens Roadmap

Written by Martin Belan

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