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Photographers – how to Easily Post your Photographs to Instagram using your Mac

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing your photographs and short video clips.  The problem is that you can only post your content from a mobile device. When you log in from a browser on your Mac or PC, there is no Post button on Instagram.

If you are like me any many other photographers who keep their photo library on their PC, this can create a long workflow just to post content on Instagram.

Luckily using Safari on your Mac, there is an easy way to pretend that it is an iPhone so you can post your images.  There are also ways to do this on other browsers they’re just not as easy and straight forward.

Turn on the Develop Menu in Safari
Turn on the Develop Menu in Safari
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Steps to Post on Instagram from Safari on Your Mac

  • First, you need to activate the Develop menu in Safari.  By default, the Develop menu is turned off.  Go to Safari Preferences – Advanced Tab – Check the checkbox for “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  • You should now see the Develop menu in Safari.  In the Develop menu, select User Agent and select the iPhone option with the latest iOS version.  At the time of writing this Blog, the latest version available is iOS 14.0 iPhone.
Enable iPhone Emulation on Safari
Enable iPhone Emulation on Safari

That’s it. Safari should now be pretending that it is an iPhone and when you go to Instagram, the post button will be available.  The iPhone emulation mode in Safari needs to be enabled for each tab.  So if you open a new tab in your browser, you will need to turn on iPhone mode for that tab as well.

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Written by Martin Belan

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