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OM System Announces Firmware Update for the OM-1 Mark I after Releasing the OM-1 Mark II

Well, I was wrong in my blog on the announcement of the OM System OM-1 Mark II, that OM System would probably not update the firmware of the OM-1 1 with some of the new features of the OM-1 II. I’m glad I was wrong.

While this update doesn’t have all the new features of the OM-1 II like Live GND and human subject detection, it does bring 2 improvements to the OM-1 Mark 1.

Improvement in some AF performance capabilities in All Target Mode to improve subject capture

Ability to assign the menu button to the trash can button on the back of the camera

The firmware update will not be available until Fall 2024.

OK, these are not significant updates, but it does show that OM System is willing to improve the OM-1 Mark 1 with features that don’t require extra memory or a bigger buffer.

It will be interesting to see how much AF performance is improved with subject detection and what that actually means.  I find it interesting that they say it is only for all Target Mode.

Here is the announcement from OM System. 

Future Firmware Update Plan for OM-1

Scheduled to be released around this autumn (northern hemisphere), the following changes for the OM-1 via a firmware update are planned:

I. Autofocus: Improvement of some AF performance capabilities, such as S-AF and C-AF in all-target mode to improve capture of main subjects.

Il. Operability: Improved usability through the option to assign the trash (delete) button as a menu access shortcut.

Please note the following:

It will not include new features introduced with the OM-1 Mark Il, such as Live GND. and Al Detection AF for humans.

It will provide some A performance improvements only and therefore the new AF performance of the OM-1 will not match the OM-1 Mark II.

We will continue to provide products and services that enrich the photography experience.

* Details are subject to change

What are your thoughts on the firmware upgrade for the OM-1 Mark I?  Are you happy with the upgrade?  Should they have done more?

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Written by Martin Belan

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  • Randy

    Am glad to see update. Will take what I can get. Personally I have been pleased with the performance of the current OM-1. Sometimes I think people expect to much from camera system. But I started shooting film with manual focus way back when that was only option. May add V2 after first of next year. Will see


    I’m disappointed but not particularly surprised that they ran such a botched body upgrade and firmware rollout given the corporate ownership. There’s no doubt in my mind that this relabeling/upgrade was planned by lawyers and accountants, not by designers/engineers.
    They have the updated software for the original OM-1 now but will only release it after selling a volume of Mk.2 versions. I’m a little dubious about how many of the new body they’ll sell because it’s such a small performance improvement (for me). Fortunately I’ve been very happy with the performance of the OM-1 with current 1.5 firmware so am OK to wait. It’s long overdue to be able to map the Menu to the position of the Trash button – it should never have been moved in the first place!

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