• Gray Wolf, Guarding the Bison Carcass
  • The Teton Range at Sunrise
  • Bald Eagle in Flight
  • Coyote on the Run
  • Holcocephala Calva Robber Fly
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Rainbow on the Lower Falls, Yellowstone
  • Snail Climbing the Tall Grass
  • Sandhill Cranes Silhouette
  • Bull Moose in the Fall Color

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Eastern Shore Photography Trip

Snow Geese on a Foggy Morning

I’ve recently returned from a bird and wildlife photography trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. I photographed at both Bombay Hook and Blackwater NWRs. If you haven’t visited these NWRs, you may want to add them to your list. Check out my blogs on Blackwater and Bombay Hook for more information on these these nature photography destinations.

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