Along the Dalton Highway, Alaska
Along the Dalton Highway, Alaska

I love being out in nature, observing wildlife, birds, and scenery. Photography is a medium for me to share the unbelievable beauty of nature and wildlife with the world.  I enjoy landscape, wildlife, bird, macro, infrared, and astro photography. I also love to travel, experience new cultures, and observe the beauty of the places I visit and blog about my experiences.

I also love to learn about photography – new photography techniques, technology, post processing skills and plug-ins, and new gear.  In this blog, I pass along what I learn to other photographers to learn these skills and techniques. 

I’m an avid Olympus (OM Digital) shooter with way too much Olympus gear.   The blog has numerous articles on using, configuring, and tips on Olympus Gear.

Midway Geyser Basin in Winter, Yellowstone
Midway Geyser Basin in Winter, Yellowstone

I also love to teach others about photography.  I am a photoshoot leader and educator for a national photography group.

My photography interests are very diverse.  I publish blog posts on a variety of photography topics on this blog.  If you would like to get notified when I publish a new blog post, you can subscribe to my blog.

If you have a question, have an idea for a blog post, or are interested in a digital copy of one of my photographs, you can fill out the Contact form on the website.  

You can also connect with me on Facebook.

Shenandoah National Park

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