Should You Start a Picture-A-Day Project?

Project 365 or Picture-A-Day projects have become a hot trend for digital photographers.   Typically, a photographer will take a picture a day and share these pictures on their website, Flickr, or some other photo sharing site. Flickr is packed with Project 365 photographs.

I'm 9 months into my Picture-A-Day project and I thought I'd share what I’ve learned and the benefits that I've received from taking on this project.
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To me, learning and continuing to grow my photography skills are the biggest benefit of a Project 365 effort. While I've posted some of my Picture-A-Day photos, I don't feel a burning need to post every picture. As long as I am growing and learning new things, the project is a success.
Below are some ideas for your Project 365 challenge that will continue to grow your skills and keep your Project 365 interesting.
    Learn a new technique. Try HDR, panorama, time lapse photography
    Try panning on a moving subject
    Play with long exposure night photography
    Try to capture lightning
    Learn macro photography. There is a world of subjects in your backyard.
    Shoot only with your iPhone or Android and use all those apps you downloaded
    Learn all the functions of your point and shoot. Take your point and shoot to work with you every day.
    Try photographing in the scene modes on your point and shoot
    Experiment with different white balance settings
    In post processing, play with all the sliders in the plug in programs (Nik Software, Topaz Labs, OnOne Software, etc.)
    Shoot or convert photos to black and white.
    Practice lighting by moving your flash off the camera and learning iTTL or eTTL
    Take a different route to/from work to find new subjects
The important thing is to get out there and shoot, try new techniques and grow your skills. Also, take a camera with you everywhere (cell phone, DSLR, or point and shoot). In fact, I found it useful to rotate the cameras I take every day. This will help you to be proficient with each camera.
These are some of the techniques that I used on my Picture-A-Day project. Send me an email or comment on the post with any addition ideas that you have.
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