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Hale Farm and Village Civil War Reenactment

Union Army Advances on the Confederates

Each year, Hale Farm and Village in Cuyahoga Valley National Park hosts a two day civil war reenactment.  This is a realistic reenactment where the participants live in camps, dress the part, cook over open fires, and relive civil war battles.  The activities in this reenactment included:  cavalry demonstrations, a speech by Abe Lincoln, the execution of a traitor (for kissing a confederate), canon fire demonstrations, and the reenactment of the Battle of Williamsburg.

This festival lasts two days (Saturday and Sunday) with Friday as a set up day.  The battlefield reenactment occurred on both Saturday and Sunday.  Only members of the Western Reserve Historical Society can attend the event on Friday.  The admission is $10 per person or $15 for both days.
Civil War, the Cavalry Charges
Make sure to get into position for the battle reenactment early.  The reenactment takes place in a large field on the north end of Hale Farm and Village.  Spectators can stand along the white fence on the south end of the field.  The best spot is at the corner around the middle of the fence line.  However, people were set up there almost an hour before the event.
There is also plenty to do walking around the Union and Confederate camps and the shops that are set up to purchase civil war memorabilia.  The Union camp was set up at the western side of Hale Farm and Village and the Confederate camp was set up at the eastern end.
Civil War - Confederate Camp by the Church
It is well worth spending a day (or two) visiting and photographing this event.  Below are a few helpful links.
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