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Nature Photography at Sandy Ridge Reservation

Sandy Ridge Reservation is one of my favorite locations for nature photography in Northeast Ohio.  Waterfowl are plentiful at Sandy Ridge and due to its large marsh area, it’s a stopover point for the spring and fall duck migrations.  Song birds are also prevalent at Sandy Ridge.  A Bald Eagle pair also nests in the area and feeds at the marsh.  I’ve consistently returned home with good nature pictures after a photography trip to Sandy Ridge.

Blue-winged Teal Sandy Ridge Reservation

Blue-winged Teal

About Sandy Ridge

Sandy Ridge Reservation is a 310 acre wildlife preserve that is part of the Lorain County Metroparks.  The park has a grassland, forest, and a large marsh.  There is a trail that goes around the marsh making it possible to photograph the ducks and geese in both the morning and evening.  It’s about a 1/2 mile walk through the woods from the parking area to the marsh.

The park is open at 8am.  It closes at sunset in the summer and 4:30 pm from  November thru March.  The GPS coordinates for Sandy Ridge reservation are: 41.398984,-82.049957.

Northern Shoveler Sandy Ridge Reservation

Northern Shoveler

Wildlife and Bird Photography at Sandy Ridge

I’ve photographed a wide variety of birds and wildlife at Sandy Ridge including ducks, geese, warblers, dragonflies, raptors, and Sandhill Cranes.  I’ve even photographed a Bald Eagle and Osprey during a mid air fight for a fish.  Sandy Ridge is also a great place to photograph birds in flight.  The ducks are constantly taking off and landing at the marsh.

Waterfowl and Bird Migrations

Ducks are present in good numbers at Sandy Ridge during the spring and fall waterfowl migrations.  I’ve taken good pictures of a variety of ducks at Sandy Ridge including Ruddy Ducks, Green Winged Teal, Blue Winged Teal, Mallards, Northern Shovelers, and American Coots.  The ducks often come quite close to the shoreline of the marsh to feed on the vegetation.

Birds are also plentiful at Sandy Ridge during the Spring Bird Migration.  I’ve photographed several warblers and Orioles during the spring bird migration.  Bluebirds can also be found throughout the summer at Sandy Ridge Reservation.  Also look for woodpeckers in the dead trees on the east side of the marsh.

Green-winged Teal Sandy Ridge Reservation

Green-winged Team

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