India Brick Kiln Chimneys

The Brick Kilns of India

Sometimes when you are traveling for photography, you come across something that really makes you dig deeper to understand what you have photographed.  Sometimes when you research it, you don’t always find something you like.

On a recent trip to India while driving between New Delhi and Agra, I saw hundreds of solo chimneys billowing smoke into the air.  These chimneys were in close proximity to brick yards stacked with thousands of bricks. The smoke was billowing out of the chimneys 7 days a week.

Upon returning home, I researched more about the brick kilns that I saw in India. Brick kilns can be found across India making bricks to feed the rapid growth and construction that is happening in India.

Brick Kiln Chimney

Some of these brick kilns use child labor.  There are also horror stories of bonded labor.   Several of these brick kilns in India have been raided freeing hundreds of families who have been enslaved due to the inability to pay off their debt that was loaned to them by brick kiln recruiters.

Families including children were forced to work 18 – 22 hours a day given only breaks to eat. The workers also were not told how and if they could pay off their debt.

Workers at a Brick Kiln

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