Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse

Photographing the Lighthouses in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse (Above Photo)

There are two lighthouses in Kenosha, Wisconsin that are located less than a ½ mile from one another.  The Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse and the Kenosha Southport Light Station are both located on Simmons Island on the coast of lake Michigan. If you are near Kenosha, it is worth stopping by the lighthouses and taking a few photos.

Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse

The North Pier Lighthouse is located on the north pier on Simmons Island.  The replacement lighthouse was built in 1906. The North Pier Lighthouse is currently painted red.  Photo compositions can be made from the pier or from the beach to the left of the lighthouse.  The lake, sky, and clouds provide a good background for the lighthouse.  The GPS coordinates for the North Pier Lighthouse are:  42.5888, -87.8086.

Kenosha Southport Light Station

Kenosha Southport Light Station

The Kenosha Southport Light Station is located just up the road from the North Pier Lighthouse at the curve of 4th avenue.  Compositions more difficult for the Southport Light Station as it is located along a road with a sidewalk.  It also has a water tower in the background.  Several power lines and telephone poles can also end up in your composition, so you may need to remove them with Photoshop.  Tighter compositions of part of the lighthouse may also work well.

Kenosha Southport Light Station - Dark and Gloomy

The Kenosha County Historical Museum is also located right next to the Southport Light Station.  The museum has 3 exhibit galleries and is worth a quick stroll to learn more about the history of Kenosha County.  You may also find a few photo ops in the Museum.

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