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7 Useful Canon 6d Blogs

It’s been 5 months since Canon released the Canon 6D , their new “more affordable” full frame DSLR.  The Canon 6d is Canon’s lightest and smallest full frame DSLR.  The 6d is also the first Canon DSLR to have built in Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities.  The 6d was originally released with a MSRP of $2,099 (body only).  At the time of the writing this post, Amazon was selling the Canon 6D for $1,839 with free Prime shipping.

Canon 6d

I have owned the Canon 6d for 4 months now and have taken it on several photography trips including a 10 day trip to India.  Overall, I am happy with the size and performance of the Canon 6d as a travel camera.  The Canon 6d is a relatively small camera and I don’t have to give up full frame camera quality at high ISOs.

Over the past 5 months, I’ve written 7 blogs on the Canon 6d that you might find useful in deciding to purchase a 6d or how to operate Canon’s new full frame DSLR.
Mississippi River Sunrise
Canon 6d, ISO 1000, Handheld

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