View from Riverwalk Landing, Yorktown

Photographing Yorktown Battlefield and Area

Yorktown, Virginia is known for being the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War and where British General Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington.  I found three main attractions to photograph in Yorktown.

Yorktown Victory Center

1780's Virginia Farm, Yorktown

The Yorktown Victory Center features an 1870s Colonial Farm with colonial buildings, animals and colonists in costume.  There is also a small Continental Army encampment with tents, a cooking area and artillery area.

There is a museum with exhibits and a movie to learn more about the Battle of Yorktown.  Photography is not permitted inside the museum.

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Yorktown Battlefield

Spikes at Yorktown Battlefield

I found the Yorktown Battlefield to be more of a historical area to learn about battle of Yorktown than for photography.  But bring your camera along for some photo opportunities.  Some subjects that I found interesting to photograph include:

  • Canons
  • Views of the York River
  • The Yorktown Victory Monument
  • Spiked Wooden Barrier used to defend the battle lines.

Yorktown Riverwalk Landing

View from Riverwalk Landing, Yorktown

The Yorktown Riverwalk Landing is a paved walkway and beach along the York River in downtown Yorktown.  There are quite a few photo subjects along the Riverwalk and also several nice restaurants to grab lunch or dinner.  There is a free parking garage across the Water Street from the Riverwalk.

Photo Opportunities Along the Yorktown Riverwalk Landing

  • US Navy Ships traveling to/from the Naval Weapons Center,
  • Schooner sailing ships docked along the riverwalk
  • Beach compositions with stone jetties
  • Sailboats on the York River
  • Compositions of the George P. Coleman Bridge that connects Yorktown and Gloucester Point.  The bridge is also a draw bridge that opens to let the large Navy Vessels pass through.

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