Sunrise Over Duck Lake, Yellowstone National Park
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Top Yellowstone Landscape Photography Ideas – Part 2

This part two of a two part blog on some of the top Yellowstone Landscapes to photograph.  In this blog, I’ll disclose some of my favorite Yellowstone Landscape locations to view and photograph, where they are located, and when to photograph these landscapes. Click on the photos in the blog to see a larger version of these Yellowstone landscape images.

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Duck Lake (Above Photo)

Duck Lake is a great place to photograph the sunrise at Yellowstone National Park.  Duck Lake is a small lake located close to Yellowstone Lake.  When photographed from above and the west, the sunrise reflection can be captured in the lakes.

There is a pull out just past the gates to close the Loop road just before you get to the West Thumb junction when coming from Madison.  Set your tripod up close to the gate for the ideal view.

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake Reflection, Yellowstone National Park

Sylvan Lake is a great place to photograph tree reflections.  Get there early before the sun gets too high and use a polarizer to intensify the reflection.  Look for ducks on the lake to include in your reflected composition.

Sylvan Lake is located on the right side of the East Entrance road before you get to Sylvan Pass.

Yellowstone Bridge Bay Marina

Yellowstone Bridge Bay Marina, Just after Sunrise

Photograph the Yellowstone Bridge Bay Marina just after sunrise on a sunny morning.  The rising sun from the east will cast warm light on the boats and Marina.  Park on the pullout on the north side of the bridge and walk to the middle of the bridge for your composition.

Foggy Sunrise along the Madison River

Foggy Morning Sunrise on the Madison River in Yellowstone

There are several pull outs and the Riverview Drive where you can stop to photograph the sunrise on the Madison River.  Fog is quite common in this area.  So if you time it right, you can capture a great foggy sunrise over the Madison River.  The Madison River is also a good river to find an early morning landscape with a fly fisherman and the mist rising off the water.

Compositions of Yellowstone Lake from the West Thumb Geyser Basin

Yellowstone Lake from West Thumb Geyser Basin

Try taking compositions of the blue waters of Yellowstone Lake with the Geothermal Features of the West Thumb Geyser Basin in the Foreground.  Big Cone or the Fishing Cone also make good foregrounds.  Use the colorful lines of the geothermal features to lead the eye to the lake.

The West Thumb Geyser Basin is located right at the West Thumb Junction.  This can be a good shoot at sunrise or sunset depending on whether you want to photograph the sun rising or the soft evening light of the sunset.

If you have a favorite spot for a Yellowstone Landscape, post a comment we’d love to hear about it.

Written by Martin Belan

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