Hauling Potatoes on a Motorcycle

How Much can you Carry on a Motorcycle (In India)?

Motorcycles are everywhere in India.  They are inexpensive and can weave through the busy and chaotic traffic in Indian cities.

Motorcycle Delivery

Indian Motorcycle Customized for Delivery

In this blog, I’ll discuss the use of motorcycles in India and also share some of my favorite and somewhat comical and scary photographs of motorcycles being overloaded in India.  Click on the images in the blog to see a larger version of the photographs.

Motorcycles are more than just basic single or dual person transportation in India; they are frequently overloaded.  Motorcycles can serve as the Indian version of the mini van as they transport entire families.

Family on a Motorcycle Dressed for Mosque

Family on a Motorcycle Dressed for the Mosque

Motorcycles are also used as delivery trucks carrying and delivering goods and products.  Some motorcycles are customized by adding hooks, bars, and boxes so they can carry additional supplies.

Delivery Motorcycle

Delivery Motorcycle

In other cases, the goods are tied to the motorcycle with ropes or just carried by a passenger.  It’s hard to image how the driver can keep their balance while carrying these large loads.

Motorcycle Milk and Rice Delivery, India

Milk and Rice Delivery

In some cases, this is the family’s only transportation.   Motorcycles provide inexpensive transportation for the family.  But, it is also a bit frightening to see children and entire families riding on a motorcycle in the chaotic Indian traffic.

Rajasthani Family Navigating the Traffic on a Motorcycle

Rajasthani Family Navigating the Traffic on a Motorcycle

So what is the answer to the question, how much can you can on a motorcycle (in India)?

Motorcycle Furniture Delivery

Furniture Delivery on a Motorcycle, No Problem

While I don’t have a definitive answer, the photographs in this blog show that a surprising large amount of goods and people can be carried on a motorcycle.  It is a lot more than I ever imagined before visiting India.

India - 5 on a Scooter

Not Exactly a Motorcycle, But 5 People on a Scooter?

Hauling Potatoes on a Motorcycle

Hauling Potatoes on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle Milk Delivery

Motorcycle Milk Delivery

Written by Martin Belan

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