Transportation in India – What’s on the Road? (Part 2)

As promised, here is part 2 of my transportation in India blog.  It took a lot longer to create part 2 of this blog than I thought.

Tractor Taxi - India

Tractor Taxi in Farm Country

This delay was partially because I kept finding other good topics to write about and partly because I wanted to find and edit enough good photos to make this blog worth posting.

For part two of my India Transportation Blog, I’ve processed and additional 9 photographs of the interesting modes of transportation that I’ve found on my 6 trips to India.  I still think I may have enough for another blog.  We’ll have to see.

Donkey Rider, Agra India

Donkey Rider, Agra

India is a terrific country for street photography.  Not only will you find a variety of modes of transportation but the women also dress in beautiful colored clothing that can really add to a photograph.

Bicycle Delivery, India

Bicycle Delivery

In this blog post you will find bicycle deliveries, tractor taxis, ox pulled carts, ladies riding in the back of a truck, and an elephant taxi.   Many of the images in this blog were taken in and on the way to Agra and in Rajasthan.

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

Indian Boy Having Fun on a Bike Ride

Having Fun on a Bike Ride

Elephant Taxi Rajasthan, India

Elephant Taxi, Rajasthan

A Busy Street in Agra, India

A Busy Street in Agra

India - Riding in the Back of the Truck

Ladies Riding in the Back of the Truck

Busy Country Road, India

A Busy Country Road

Country roads in India are like life lines providing an easy path to the villages.  All kinds of transportation can be found on these roads.

Colorful Travelers - India

Colorful Travelers on a Truck, Bicycle, and Motorcycle

Written by Martin Belan

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