How to Create an Export Preset in Lightroom

Presets are a big time saver for photographers.  Often photographers will need to export images out of Adobe Lightroom for several purposes with different sizes and characteristics.

I frequently export photographers at different sizes and resolutions to print, upload to my photography gallery, and my blog.
Creating an export preset is simple in Adobe Lightroom.  Below are the steps to create an export preset.

Steps to Create an Export Preset in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Export Preset
  1. Right click over the photograph you’d like to export and Select Export –> Export…
  2. Set the attributes for your export in the dialog window (image format, size, resolution, etc.).
  3. When the export Dialog comes up, select Add in the left column.  Type a name for your present and click the Create button.
  4. Next time you want to export for that particular purpose, click on that user preset in the left column of the export window.
Lightroom Export Preset

Written by Martin Belan

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