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Re-finding Your Photographic Inspiration

I had not published a blog in over six months.  In fact, I had not taken or processed a photo in months.  We were building a house which took way too much of my time – selections to make, checking on the progress, managing the finances.  There was no time left for photography.

Bunny in the Clover
Bunny in the Clover

Once in the new house, I fell and hurt my knee which required surgery.  I was forced to slow down so I could once again work on my photography blog and creating photographs.  Now where do I start?

I had lost my inspiration.  Do to my leg, I couldn’t go out on photography hikes.  How do I get motivated to work on photography?

Here are a few things I did to regain my inspiration and motivation for photography:

Look at Photographs Online

500px, Pixoto, Google+, Pinterest are all website that have a variety of photographs to browse.  I found that looking at beautiful photos helped me want to dig in and create art again.

Photograph What’s Near You

Don’t have the time or energy to go out on a photo trip, photograph what’s in your backyard (or a park nearby).  The photograph in this blog of the “Bunny in the Clover” was taken right from my back patio.

Learn New Software

MacPhun had just released a new version of Luminar and was offering a discount.  I had heard about Luminar while I was away but since I wasn’t processing photos, I didn’t buy it.  I had a lot of fun learning Luminar and creating new effects with my photos.  I have way too many old photographs that I haven’t processed.  New software may help bring them back to life.

Try Applying an Artistic Look to Your Photographs

There are software plugins that make it easy to give an artistic look to your photographs.  Two of my favorites are Topaz Impression and Texture Effects.   Impression allows to apply painting effects to your photos while texture effects gives you the ability to apply many creative filters.  Both come with a variety of presets and a community with even more presets.

Try a New Technique

If you haven’t tried Macro photography, HDR, Time Lapse, Drone Photography, Black and White Photography, now may be the time to try a new technique.  Buy a book or watch a YouTube video and give it a try.

Written by Martin Belan

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