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Clear Outside – A Terrific Weather App for Nature Photographers

I discovered the Clear Outside Weather App while researching Astrophotography apps, but it turns out that it is a really good weather app for anyone who photographs outdoors.

Information in the Clear Outside App

Clear Outside is a cool little app that has a wealth of information like:

  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Bortle Class (light pollution scale) for the location
  • Sun and moon (rise and set)
  • % full moon
  • Blue hour indicators and dark sky times
  • International Space Station times
  • % cloud coverage
  • Total cloud coverage % plus low, medium, and high cloud cover
  • Visibility, fog, rain, wind direction and speed, frost, temperature (in celsius), humidity and dew point forecasts.
Clear Outside Photography Weather App
Clear Outside Photography Weather App

Clear Outside has this forecast information for the next 7 days.

Clear Outside also has color indicators (green, orange, and red) on the hour numbers to give you a quick visual on what hours have the least cloud cover for you to photograph.  It also has good visuals for sunrise, sunset, blue hour and dark sky times.

Topaz Labs

The App has a quick selection for the current location.  You can also save multiple locations for quick reference. I only have one critique of the app.  It defaults to Exeter, Devon, UK so if you are not paying attention, you could be looking at the weather in the United Kingdom. 

Clear Outside
Clear Outside

Overall, clear sky is an easy to use application with a lot of information for nature photographers.  I’ve tried other photography weather apps and I find Clear Outside to be pretty accurate (as accurate as weather forecasting can be).

Clear Outside is a free app that is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Written by Martin Belan

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