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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts that Will Save you Time Editing your Nature Photographs

Keyboard short cuts can save you a lot of time editing your images in Adobe Photoshop CC.  But there are hundreds of keyboard short cuts in Photoshop. 

There are single keystrokes, keystrokes with the Shift key, Alt key, Control key, etc.  There are even ones with a combination of control and shift keys like Command + Shift + Option + E which combines active layers and creates a new layer from the merged layer.

So Which Photoshop Keyboard Short Cuts are the Most Useful and Will Save you the Most Time?

I’ve created a table below with my favorite Photoshop CC keyboard short cuts.  I’ve divided these short cuts into several categories:  File Operations, Layers, Zoom, Editing Tools, Selections, and Masking.

Keep in mind that you can also stack these short cuts (don’t wait for one command to finish before applying the next one).  One group of short cuts that I frequently stack is:

Shift + Command E + Command S + Command W (Control for Windows)

This will merge all visible layers, save and close the file.

Below are the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that I use the most.  Even memorizing a few of them will help to speed up the processing of your nature photographs in Adobe Photoshop.

Topaz Labs

Top Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

FunctionMac ShortcutWindows Shortcut
File Operations Shortcuts  
Close ImageCommand + WControl + W
Save ImageCommand + SControl + S
Layer Shortcuts  
Duplicate LayerCommand + JControl + J
Merge Visible LayersCommand + Shift + EControl + Shift + E
Zoom Shortcuts  
Zoom ToolZZ
Zoom Out / Fit to ScreenCommand + 0Control + 0
Editing Tool Shortcuts  
Brush ToolBB
Clone StampSS
Healing BrushJJ
Content Aware FillShift + F5Shift + F5
Increase Brush Size]]
Decrease Brush Size[[
Swap Background & Foreground ColorsXX
Selection Tool Shortcuts  
Lasso Selection ToolLL
Quick Selection ToolWW
DeselectCommand + DCommand + D
Masking Tools  
Show Mask\\
Invert MaskCommand + IControl + I
Copy MaskOption + Click & DragAlt + Click & Drag

Written by Martin Belan

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