OM System RM-WR1 Wireless Remote Control
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OM System RM-WR1 Wireless Remote Control Review

OM Digital Solutions released a new battery grip and a wireless remote control for the OM-1 camera. The new RM-WR1 Wireless Remote was made specifically for the OM-1 camera but still can be used with Olympus OM-D cameras with a remote cable port and the included cable. The RM-WR1 Remote Control also works wirelessly with the OM System OM-5.

The RM-WR1 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so the connection is line of sight and limited to a distance of around 16 feet.  The RM-WR1 only connects wirelessly with the OM-1 not with older Olympus OM-D cameras.  The RM-WR1 remote can also be connected to the OM-1 with a wired connection.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Submenu for Pairing Remote
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Submenu for Pairing Remote

How to Pair the RM-WR1 Remote Control with the OM-1

The RM-WR1 pairs with the OM-1 in the Wrench menu – Wi-Fi/Bluetooth submenu – Wireless Shutter Setting – Start Paring.  Then move and hold the dial on the RM-WR1 remote to connect.  The remote will then pair with the camera.  Also in the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth submenu, make sure the Bluetooth is running on the camera.

Likes and Dislikes of the OM System RM-WR Wireless Remote Control


  • Super Convenient.  Pair it once and it automatically connects to the OM-1 when you turn on the remote.
  • It’s wireless when used with the OM-1.  You don’t have to worry about a dangling cable messing up your pictures or worry about it falling out when moving locations.
  • Size. It’s super small.  It easily fits in any pocket.
  • It comes with a cable so it can work with other Olympus OM-D cameras.
  • IP57 dustproof and splashproof construction.
  • Separate photo and video modes.


  • Price.  $99 for a remote control is expensive.
  • It’s just a remote.  There is no intervalometer or other features.  A wireless remote with an intervalometer would have been nice for astrophotography.
  • Half press the shutter for focus or other functions is touchy.  I used the remote for Live Time where half pressing the shutter refreshes the screen and histogram.  Several times I prematurely ended an exposure instead of half pressing the shutter.
OM System RM-WR1 Wireless Remote Control
OM System RM-WR1 Wireless Remote Control


The RM-WR1 Wireless Remote is an example of a product that does one thing and does it well.  It is a super convenient, weatherproof remote control.  Just turn it on when using an OM-1 and its ready to go.  I just wish it was a little cheaper or came with an intervalometer to justify the price.

Written by Martin Belan

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  • Wolf Amri

    I was just searching for a bluetooth remote for the OM-1, particularly for focus stacking, where the cam doesn’t even allow a 2sec delay, which is VERY surprising considering all the other innovations Olympus offers. That’s how I found your review. That price is indeed pretty high compared to e.g. the Sony remote (or even third party remotes that work just as well). They even have more functions and look like they are of higher quality (half press as you say is no issue on these).

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